About Nancy

Nancy is the CEO of Fix-It Accounting, mother of 4 with an adventurous spirit & a thirst for learning. This creates a wonderfully unique combination for her speaking career.

She’s learned many lessons in her ‘Rag to Riches’ experience, and those lessons have helped many people overcome their own challenges, to find success and balance.

Her insights are unique and have help improved the lives of her clients, so she’s decided to share some of them here in her blog,  http://nancybenet.com/nancys-blog/

Nancy has a degree in Business Management and Accounting, the Financial knowledge and Business experience.  But she says she doesn’t want to be another Suze Orman (no offense to Suze).  There’s plenty of that kind of information already.  There’s so much more to share.

What she has found is the emotional side matters most.  How to not get upset when it looks like the money’s not there.  How to create win-win situations.

How to treat your employees well and be a good boss.  How to not be dominant or submissive and why this matters so much.  How standing up for yourself can prevent and resolve conflict.  Things that aren’t normally taught.

Feel free to read though her blog and contact Nancy to speak at your next event.